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Image for anime mult Hyakko

Year: 2008

Genre: daily, comedy

Type: ova, tv_series

Producer: Fukuda Michio

Autor: Kato Haruaki

Studio: Nippon Animation

Time: 25 min

Description of Hyakko

Light comedy about students and students Kamidzono private academy, institution for gifted children. In the center of attention - four girls,between which little in common, but still something unites them. One - a timid, somewhat clumsy and very sweet, and the other - self-confident and proud, and the third - a wholehearted and combat, a real tiger, the fourth - the silent, strong, with excellent appetite. It would seem, nothing original,but the characters in Hyakko revealed slowly, and at the same time quite unexpectedly. In addition, we must not forget: in Kamidzono each endowed with a special talent, and the main heroines have to learn a lot about themselves and their classmates. Each series is linked to any episode of school life, and it`s not just studying,but also absenteeism and a beating in the staff, duties of class and interest clubs, and business affairs of the heart, relationship problems and new friends. Lovely ensemble of voice actor, well-chosen soundtrack, irony, humor, and a non-trivial plot will appeal to all who are happy to briefly plunge into a crazy atmosphere of cheerful school days.

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