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Image for anime mult Hundred

Year: 2016

Genre: ecchi, action, gender_affair

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kobayashi Tomoki

Autor: Misaki Jun

Studio: Production Ims

Time: 24 min

Description of Hundred

" Hundred " - the only weapon,which can withstand the mysterious life forms that visit Earth - " Savage ". The protagonist, Kisaragi Hayato, aims to become a " martial arts" using these weapons. He managed to get into the " Little Garden " Naval Academy. However... the phrase " Finally, we met, Hayato! ", The flying from the lips of a stranger,that would be a roommate, Emil Crossford. Moreover, immediately after the ceremony proceeds, it is to a duel, " the strongest martial arts," the academy - "The Queen" Claire Harvey! His life starts here and now!

Images and photos of Hundred

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