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Howl`s Moving Castle

Image for anime mult Howl`s Moving Castle

Year: 2004

Genre: steampunk, fantasy, family

Type: tv_series, ova

Producer: Miyazaki Hayao

Autor: Diana Wynne Jones

Studio: Ghibli

Time: 119 min

Description of Howl`s Moving Castle

"Howl`s Moving Castle" - a full-length anime, released by "the Ghibli" in 2004.Created by Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki on the eponymous fairy tale novel English writer Diana Wynne Jones. The film is set in a parallel world, the end of the XIX-th century Europe, where magic goes hand in hand with technological progress. Modest life shlyapnitsy Sophie is completely changed,when in the vicinity of the city there is a walking her castle mysterious wizard Howl known for his "abduction" of girls` hearts. Saved this blue-eyed boy of the two military harassment, she falls in love with him. However, an exciting walk with him manages young shlyapnitse her beauty and youth,weaning witchcraft jealous Witch wasteland. This event causes Sophie to leave home and desperate to go into the wild wasteland, which is notorious to take off the curse. On the way, she comes across a scarecrow - Turnip, which gives Sophie a cane and helps to get into the strange construction - Castle Howl. "Grandma" Sophie,without asking permission of the owner, appoints itself as a cleaner home this strange giant in the steel "chicken legs". Over time, it becomes a family, albeit a little strange in the castle. The castle live: fire demon -Kaltsifer, student Howl -Markl and he Houle - a powerful young wizard and master of the castle.Sophie wants to lift the curse Witch Heath, but even the witch, enchanted, can not do this. Also, it appears that the curse and lie at the Hawley, and Kaltsifere, and a bogey-Ropke, as well as on the Witch wasteland. To unravel the secrets of the curses and to remove them, the heroes have to go through many tests.

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