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Hon Ran

Image for anime mult Hon Ran

Year: 1993

Genre: fantasy, adventures, fight

Type: ova

Producer: Masuo Shouichi

Autor: Takadze Masahiko

Studio: Animate

Time: 60 min

Description of Hon Ran

Everyone knows that it is impossible to dig the grave of Genghis Khan, everything... except archaeologists. They do not feed bread - give something to dig. But it also warned... Genghis Khan did not like it of course, that it dug out and,how it opened he unleashed on the world of a terrible curse. And not least of course, that must fight the curse favorites. Favorites are available in the amount of three pieces bear the markings in the form of special scars and incredibly cool.Will they join forces and ass kicked bad guys? Is Genghis Khan be able to sleep peacefully? Tr @ # & is whether the protagonist character (however so clear that m @ # & is - it`s not Naruto)? Watch and learn.

Images and photos of Hon Ran

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