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Hitsuji no Uta

Image for anime mult Hitsuji no Uta

Year: 2003

Genre: horrors, drama, vampires

Type: ova

Producer: Sugii Gisaburo

Autor: Tome Kei

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 27 min

Description of Hitsuji no Uta

Kazuno Takesiro high school student for more than ten years, lives with foster parents. His mother died tragically when he was very young, after which the father took the boy`s older sister Tidzunu and moved to another city, leaving Kazuno in the care of a childless couple close friends and breaking all contacts with his son.Foster parents do not deprive the attention of any guy, no concern, but the feeling of abandonment, of loneliness does not leave him, leading to frequent depressions. Moreover, in recent years Kazuno disturbing strange bouts of nausea and dizziness, in which he loses control of himself. Constantly thinking about his father and the reason for his departure, Kazuno kakthen I wandered into an old house, where the family lived before their mother`s death, and unexpectedly met a strange beauty that was his sister Tidzunoy. So he learned of the terrible curse hanging over Takesiro come from time immemorial. Curse, which will have to bear the burden and himself...

Images and photos of Hitsuji no Uta

Hitsuji no Uta (Lament of the Lamb)  Manga   Pictures ..._18
Hitsuji no Uta after episode 04 – Final Thoughts  Muir Woods_13
Hitsuji no Uta by 0hagaren0 on DeviantArt_4
Hitsuji no Uta FanArt by Kuvshinov Ilya on DeviantArt_24
Hitsuji no Uta  Illustration Female(Toume Kei[冬目景])  Pinterest_23
Hitsuji no Uta  Kei Toume  Pinterest_22
Hitsuji no Uta Manga   Chapter 1   Page 1 of 48   AnimeA_15
Hitsuji no Uta Manga   Chapter 5   Page 1 of 30   AnimeA_5
Hitsuji no Uta Manga   Chapter 5   Page 1 of 30   AnimeA_6
Hitsuji no Uta Manga   Chapter 5   Page 1 of 30   AnimeA_10
Hitsuji no Uta Manga   Chapter 14   Page 1 of 35   AnimeA_7
Hitsuji no Uta Manga   Chapter 47   Page 1 of 44   AnimeA_28
hitsuji no uta   MyDramaList_17
Hitsuji no Uta   Pictures   MyAnimeList.net_19
Hitsuji no Uta – Repeat  Nefarious Reviews_2
Hitsuji no Uta Takashiro Chizuna   My Anime Shelf_21
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Kei Toume, Hitsuji no Uta, Hitsuji no Uta Ilustration, You ..._20
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