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Hit The Floor

Image for anime mult Hit The Floor

Year: 2008

Genre: action, music

Type: amv

Producer: Kuwana Ikuo

Autor: Akabosi Masanao|aramaki Shinji

Studio: Digital Frontier|aic Spirits

Time: 4 min

Description of Hit The Floor

Author`s comment: I always wanted to make a video at Naruto, but stopped that did not want to overload the boat like " good ", but seeing almost every day, as the fruit of more and more " low budget " clips I thought - what the heck! Plus SHIPPUUDEN disappoint me with each series of more and more,until one day did not kill any interest in me. So clip on even young Naruto, lit green light. Work began late last summer. Two times due to technical reasons I was losing it and gaining a victory in an unequal battle with laziness (and more probably, angrily) started from scratch. And so,I ask you to plunge with Naruto in his memoirs about the very happy times.:) Information Anime: Naruto (TV), Naruto (OVA 3), Naruto Special 2, Naruto Movie 2, Naruto Movie 3 Music: Bullet for My Valentine - Hit The Floor Awards: Second place in the overall standings and Best Action on AMV News: Big Contest 2008

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