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His and Her Circumstances

Image for anime mult His and Her Circumstances

Year: 1998

Genre: romance, comedy, daily

Type: tv_series

Producer: Anno Hideaki

Autor: Tsuda Masami

Studio: Gainax|j C Staff

Time: 25 min

Description of His and Her Circumstances

Yukino Miyazawa - ideal pupil: intelligent, kind,sports, everything is given to her easily and without strain. But this is only the facade - in fact, Yukino leads a double life, at home regularly turning into a boring and bespectacled zubrilku. We can not be hypocritical forever, and Yukino armor cracks when in high school on her way there Soytiro Arima - the guy even more talented and close to the ideal.As soon allow to approach the opponent too close - and learns the secret Soytiro Yukino, and received authority over it by ear fills up the work on the school board. Here are just a " slave inevitably " soon realizes - Arima not a monster, but a hypocrite, she just broke his life much more. Gradually, the understanding of friendship born out of friendship - love,and one day heroes decide to throw the mask and show " urbi et orbi " such as they are. Not everything, not everything goes smoothly, but step by step, man and woman are no longer slaves to the circumstances and find something that is worth living. Their efforts were not in vain - in the end turned out one of the best romantic anime!

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