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Image for anime mult Himegoto

Year: 2014

Genre: gender_affair, seinen, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Ianase Hiroiuki

Autor: Tsukudani Norio

Studio: Asahi Production

Time: 6 min

Description of Himegoto

Hime Arikawa, school student Simosina,He left without parents and with their huge debt to the bank. Where to go minors in a situation of debt can not escape, nothing to live on, even in the maelstrom of his head. But, they say, are no hopeless situations, leaning kid happiness in the face of those ladies of the Student Council of the school, which to pay the debt,instead demanded to become their faithful dog to run errands. And all would be nothing, except that he had to wait on the advice in women`s attire! Hime did not think that you have to spend their school years in a wonderful way of a pretty young lady. What is the end of our adventure, and the unfortunate debtor a strange trinity of the Student Council? Ask,Why strange? President - smart, energetic and purposeful, requires that called it Unko, although the correct reading of characters in its name sounds like Sadako - is afraid of ghosts:) Vice President - alias 18 - kin or 18+, that still feature, all terribly unpleasant a situation in which merges Hime, her handiwork! And Secretary of Bell -under login II of Albertine, a popular draw manga is not difficult to guess that the prototype of years is our poor Arikawa - kun:)

Images and photos of Himegoto

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