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Hime-chan`s Ribbon

Image for anime mult Hime-chan`s Ribbon

Year: 1992

Genre: romance, comedy, macho_shoujo

Type: tv_series

Producer: Tsuji Hatsuki

Autor: Midzusava Megumi

Studio: Studio Gallop

Time: 25 min

Description of Hime-chan`s Ribbon

Erika,Princess magical country, will be able to inherit the throne of his ancestors, if only invent any useful magical device. A useful it will be recognized only on the test results - according to tradition, on August inventor must find its counterpart in the world of people and try to talk him into a magical thing.Young Eric has created a magical ribbon: red bow turns the holder in any other man of the people in the world - just one hour! Now it is small, the practical test, and Eric flies to Earth to find the exact same girl like herself, and ask her to use magic tape for a year. Nonohara Himeko- ordinary schoolgirl. Well,almost normal (for the most usual it is too restless): go to school, friends with classmates, admires her older sister Aiko, in love with Hasekura - senpai from the theater group and everywhere carries with him his favorite teddy named Pokot. What will make such a tomboy, like Hime - chan,get the magic tape and the possibility for an hour to take the appearance of any person on the planet? Eric gives thirteen Himeko his magic ribbon. With this Himeko ribbons can be converted to any person of the people of the world, to whom she wishes, but only for one hour. If she does not have time to turn back,the " get stuck " in this form for the rest of life. Simultaneously with the transformation ribbon animates toy lion Himeko, whose name Pokota.Parallelno develops novel Himeko and Daichi, a guy from her class, loves sports and hates to go to school, and there is a number of other romantic conflicts.

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Hime chans Ribbon Ribbon Hime Hime chan no Ribbon anime
Hime chans Ribbon Ribbon Hime Hime chan no Ribbon anime
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