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High School Fleet

Image for anime mult High School Fleet

Year: 2016

Genre: fiction, adventures, war

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nobuta Yuu

Autor: Shirou Masamune

Studio: Production Ims

Time: 24 min

Description of High School Fleet

Japan. It took 100 years after the shift of the lithospheric plates, which caused flooding in many countries. In order to save the rest of the state, the new cities on water-related sea routes were built.There was a need for staff that monitors the safety of the sea, and the woman quickly occupied this niche in employment. Thus it was created "Blue Mermaid", an elite organization responsible for maintaining the security of the sea, as well as the awareness of customs and cross-cultural and inter-ethnic relations.Childhood friends Misaki Akeno and Tina MOEK dream to join the Blue Mermaid, which the girl enters the marine high school Ёkosuki. Their path to a dream start.

Images and photos of High School Fleet

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High School Fleet Die cut Sticker Akeno Misaki (Anime Toy) Other ..._8
High School Fleet IC Card Sticker Akeno Misaki (Anime Toy) Item ..._7
High School Fleet IC Card Sticker Mashiro Munetani (Anime Toy ..._9
High School Fleet IC Card Sticker Shima Tateishi (Anime Toy) Item ..._16
High School Fleet Microfiber Pouch AkenoMoeka (Anime Toy) Item ..._29
High School Fleet Mug Cup Mini Chara (Anime Toy)_12
High School Fleet Tenugui Haifuri Ver. (Anime Toy) Other picture1_25
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