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Hige Piyo

Image for anime mult Hige Piyo

Year: 2009

Genre: comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Takeyama Atsushi

Autor: Ito Risa

Studio: Cinema Citrus

Time: 5 min

Description of Hige Piyo

It begins this series of short stories with an attempt to sell a chicken seller. But the fate of the rock: the potential buyers questioned its relationship to the class "birds". And, perhaps, a bad character, the presence of a beard and way of absorbing food, like a combine,also leaves its mark. Here on this chick and I fell eyes cheerful child. It turned out that the parents liked it even more, so the chicken still found its place. They called a chicken "Higepiyo" for the translation hige means beard. And as always, it was not taken into account the fact that the "refund of the purchase is not subject to"and "Even though he asks supplements it - is still a chicken, and it pretty!" Does this miracle of nature is connected with the mass escape from the laboratory chickens, which broadcast on the news? Who knows... In the meantime we will watch as a family that knows no worries, had fallen on his head so that`s a "miracle". Ah yes, a gift!

Images and photos of Hige Piyo

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