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Hidamari Sketch

Image for anime mult Hidamari Sketch

Year: 2007

Genre: comedy, daily, seinen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Shinbo Akiyuki

Autor: Aoki Ume

Studio: Shaft

Time: 25 min

Description of Hidamari Sketch

Very atmospheric thing. The plot is not here,Only daily. Life-utopia of a country that is somewhere nearby. Where a number of reliable friends - the same student or even a year older. This Study - women look different, but their characters are very difficult to see in the diversity of everyday routine. They have not the artist, they only learn. The only person on the show - Ёschinoya-sensei.Across probably not very lucky in the male part, therefore constantly throws strange feints to make life a little more fun. By the way, she looks very young, so that a comparison with Azumangoy Dayo can take place, but only a very distant. The blood pressure - all girls - personality. They stand there as they can,They are protesting against the grayness of his life flourishes. The Hidamari Sketch the early age of protest has already passed and the girls more busy training in the home and learning - they have chosen it themselves, it is useful to them in life, it is their favorite thing. Institute years, student hostel dormitory... Well, almost, but the essence is the same - all the doors wide open,all the goodies in half and stuff. And they can come off as - for the men question their is no pressure, but from napryazhno studies need to rest. Where you can spend a lot of parallels with other serials. I first thought it was something like Ichigo Mashimaro. But there - young and little action. There are jokes and graphic moves a la Lady Pony Dashbut it lacks the scope, size sort of Russian, which was the PDP. One of the heroines of the cross on the hair, like Amuro from Umishё - but the similarities end there. However, there is one thing which can be called the forerunner and first season - this Bottle Fairy. Those empty backgrounds with circles, the same characters are characters that have not yet become men,but absorbed in the game, the same cute peace with the national colors. And if I had another life, I would very much like it to be a neighbor of the girls in the house Hidamari.

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