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Hetalia World Series

Image for anime mult Hetalia World Series

Year: 2010

Genre: parody, comedy, history

Type: ona

Producer: Murata Kazuya

Autor: Himaruya Hidekazu

Studio: Studio Deen

Time: 5 min

Description of Hetalia World Series

Once almost all the known world of the rules of a healthy man, whose name was Ancient Rome. But as time passed, the hero and his children left the stage of history, and grandchildren found that in other parts of the world there are very serious guys. So gradually arisen the new story that is told in anime on behalf of the heroes, each of which -the personification of his country. The basis of the story and the life of rivalry between the two groups of characters. One component of the Axis Germany, Italy, Japan, and the other - the Allies - America, Britain, Russia, China, France. Well, pull yourself all the action on the catching and cowardly, but cheerful and charming Italy.With its feeding children in simple terms explain the events of European and world history, with emphasis on the first half of the XX century. Of course, Russia with cutting water pipe also helps!

Images and photos of Hetalia World Series

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