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Image for anime mult Heroman

Year: 2010

Genre: adventures, fiction, mechanism

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nanba Hitoshi

Autor: Stan Lee

Studio: Bones

Time: 25 min

Description of Heroman

There was an American Centre-City on the West Coast teenage orphan Joey. The whole family - old grandmother, lived, of course, the poor, and to make ends meet in the cafe part helped yes support of true friends: Cy disabled child and the leader of the team, cheerleaders girls Lina. However, for the pleasure of speaking with Lina had to pay, regularly receiving cuffs from her brother-football, dissatisfied the layouts. But Joey did not lose heart, even managing to teach his beloved physics under the leadership of the local genius, part-time schoolteacher Matthew Denton. And there was a guy `s dream - to get the latest humanoid robot " Heybo " models... As a result, the robot he found, however, in the form of spare parts. But Joey is a master of all trades,with love all repaired, reassembled, and even gave the name of the hero a new friend, hoping they will be able together to protect people and help families. And the dream came true - mysterious lightning breathed life into a toy, and she gained the ability to transform into a giant robot reasonable. Now life has become happier, especially sincethat the Earth were insektoidnye aliens Scragg, who actually invited a fan of "flying saucers" Denton. Now without Joey and his Hero of the planet cover - or nothing to invent radio!

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