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Hen: Strange Love

Image for anime mult Hen: Strange Love

Year: 1997

Genre: ecchi, seinen, romance

Type: ova

Producer: Suzuki Hiroshi

Autor: Oku Hiroya

Studio: Group Tac

Time: 30 min

Description of Hen: Strange Love

This thing even hentai can not be called (Note Narrru for those who are in the tank: it is not hentai). For it is more appropriate genre yuri,But first things first. Cartoon, of course, hentai, anyway, I was told that it is, in fact, there are only hints. Yes, there are big tits, they have the main character is literally hanging. The crotch of the girl closes a strange yellow head, which is better than squares, so that when there is a true hentai,and are squares, it spoils the impression, and so it is understandable that hentaynyh scenes in the multi will not. The plot was mixed, as they could -Eshida Chizuru appears on television, it falls in love with a young teacher who does not know that she has a boyfriend musician. The musician loves his Chizuru, but the latter did not love him,she really is in love with his new neighbor, that this turned vinigret. If the first series did not show anything explicit, the 2 series exactly belongs to the genre yuri, although leysbiyskih scenes still have not shown (except in dreams). The film looks good, even funny. Suitable for evening gatherings with some coffee.

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