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Hellsing Ultimate [OVA]

Image for anime mult Hellsing Ultimate [OVA]

Year: 2006

Genre: drama, seinen, adventures

Type: ova

Producer: Tokoro Tomokazu

Autor: Hirano Kouta

Studio: Satelight|graphinica|madhouse Studios

Time: 50 min

Description of Hellsing Ultimate [OVA]

For every action there exists opposition - to fight the bloodthirsty evil spirits in the UK Royal Order of Protestant Knights was created, which is the oldest vampire Alucard. According to the concluded contract, he submits to the head of a secret organization "Hellsing". The Vatican his trump card - a special Thirteenth Division, the organization of "Iscariot", Which included not killed his father, Alexander. For them, Alucard is no different from the rest of the monsters. However, all of them will have to forget about the quarrels between the Catholic and Anglican churches, where the stage will last from a powerful enemy - a mysterious Major led "Millennium" secret Nazi organization.But not yet started the Battle of Britain, Alucard busy raising a convert vampire: Seras Victoria earlier served as the police, and now she has to get used to life in the old mansion, to his new abilities and new responsibilities. Even the hostess Alucard, Integra lady does not know why he drew this stubborn girl...The second film adaptation of the manga Kouta Hirano meticulously follows the original, and therefore differs markedly from the series, because it is black humor, rivers of blood, charismatic enemies hooked conflict made "Hellsing" internationally popular.

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