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Hell Teacher Nube

Image for anime mult Hell Teacher Nube

Year: 1996

Genre: shounen, fantasy, horrors

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kaizawa Yukio

Autor: Makura Sho

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: 24 min

Description of Hell Teacher Nube

Wait, what will happen with abnormal normal school teacher? Or vice versa? So, there is an ordinary school - pyatiklashki how pyatiklashki. Sensei almost normal.One Nube with his infernal hand slightly deviated from the norm. But the world itself is far from ordinary: there are not only people here. Here and Jokai, and kappa, and ghosts and demons - shadowy world superimposed on a human, the gates of hell constantly open in both directions, the curse will hear and from all sides and at all clearas in this chaos, most people live peacefully - faring. Returning to pyatiklashkam. Transferred to them a new teacher - Nube. And at school there was a personal onmedzi. Nube teaches kids math, teacher unsuccessfully uhlestyvaet for neighboring classes and simultaneously casts his demonic spirits hand, he othryachil from some powerful demon.Or demon drove to his hand and grew so makarom the paw. Or even that does not matter. The most important thing in all this chaos there was even one type that can single-handedly fill muzzle ghosts and drive them back to the other world. Somewhere so. Affectation of more Ranmavskogo period nostalgia rushing from all the holes. Harassment Nube beyond do not go,the teacher he even pozhamkat not tried, only hints and instant slap for hints. Humor without cliches seem, and unobtrusive. Adventures in each bulk series. Certain horror found was not there, this is not Higurashi Naku Koro ni, although here, too, Bosko cut. In general, light avantyurchik school, not a masterpiece, but it deserves a nine.

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