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Heartcatch Precure!

Image for anime mult Heartcatch Precure!

Year: 2010

Genre: comedy, macho_shoujo, adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nagamine Tatsuya

Autor: Toudou Izumi

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: 25 min

Description of Heartcatch Precure!

Hanasaki Tsubomi - a student of the second year of secondary school- Very shy and reserved girl. She just loves the different flowers and plants. Together with his family Tsubomi moved to another city to his grandmother. When you receive a new school she promised herself that necessarily change. But it turns out that to overcome his shyness is not so easy,especially since the first day she met with his complete opposite - Kurumi Erika. How can overcome itself? How to change your life? The answer comes from an unexpected quarter - she meets the fairies of their dreams. They say that Tsubomi has to change - become a legendary warrior Prikyua!

Images and photos of Heartcatch Precure!

2 Heartcatch Precure! HD Wallpapers  Backgrounds   Wallpaper Abyss_21
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Heartcatch Precure! (série TV, 49 épisodes)   Anime Kun_27
Heartcatch Precure!, Wallpaper   Zerochan Anime Image Board_3
Heartcatch Precure!, Wallpaper   Zerochan Anime Image Board_7
Heartcatch Precure!, Wallpaper   Zerochan Anime Image Board_22
Heartcatch Precure!, Wallpaper   Zerochan Anime Image Board_26
HeartCatch Precure!   ep40   Picture #242   Ik` Ilote 5_4
Heartcatch Precure!   MyAnimeList.net_1
Heartcatch Precure! vostfr  Anime Ultime_2
Heartcatch Precure Is Cool  UNMEI KAIHEN_9
Heartcatch Precure Osu by barragan89 on DeviantArt_28
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Heartcatch Precure with Cure Clover by Silverglass on DeviantArt_10
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