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He is my Master

Image for anime mult He is my Master

Year: 2005

Genre: romance, ecchi, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Saeki Shouji

Autor: Mattsu

Studio: Gainax

Time: 24 min

Description of He is my Master

Two sisters Izumi and Mitsuki Sawatari run away from home, taking with him a beloved pet named Pochi (Jap. Analogue "ball" and "Tuzik"). Well, we got their ancestors on the same "can not"! But on the first night they wanted to eat, and still have to live somewhere and somehow get money for food.That knocked on the gate of the luxurious mansion, which was the announcement of hiring maids.

Images and photos of He is my Master

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He is my master   Anna Kurauchi by enjoithis on DeviantArt_6
He Is My Master Cosplay Costume Home Maid Dress  Honestdragon.com_20
He Is My Master  Cute maids aplenty.  Carter McKendry  Flickr_13
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He is My Master  Izumi by pai shiifan on DeviantArt_2
He Is My Master Maid Kurauchi Anna Figura Anime Nueva Sega   S ..._7
He Is My Master Maid Kurauchi Anna Figura Anime Nueva Sega   S ..._12
He Is My Master Photograph HD 1280x720_3
Izumi Sawatari from He is my Master_9
Lovely Saya Cosplay as Izumi Sawatari  Anime Cosplay_30
Nichijou and He is My Master   Anime Voice Actor  Seiyuu Comparisons_25
Ota desho ota desu! · He is My Master_4
Pochi#1081897   Zerochan_29
Pochi and Izumi Sawatari by Hakum3n on DeviantArt_26
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Sonadow  He is my Master by mariarosanime on DeviantArt_27