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He Is a Ultimate Teacher

Image for anime mult He Is a Ultimate Teacher

Year: 2015

Genre: school, romance, shounen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Sato Masato

Autor: Kamijou Akimine

Studio: A Pictures Inc

Time: 25 min

Description of He Is a Ultimate Teacher

Kagami Dzhunichirou was known as a genius of physics, and even has been published in " Nature " magazine. However, after graduating from college, he suddenly lost all interest in science. As otaku, he devoted himself to anime blog.He claims that he has a serious illness called " NHND " (Do Not Want Not).Otchayavshis force him to do anything, his sister found him a job in the old high school physics teacher at the office. It is - of course, an unconventional teacher, but in a short time, he begins to like the students. After helping girlwhich mercilessly bullied, Kagami finds that it is actually like to teach. He will continue his career as a teacher of strange? He will return to physics? Or it will end where it started? In 2012, the studio A-1 Pictures, two one-minute promotional video was released for the manga, but the release of a full-fledged TVIt shows only received confirmation for the spring season of 2015.

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