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Haunted Junction

Image for anime mult Haunted Junction

Year: 1997

Genre: comedy, adventures, school

Type: tv_series

Producer: Mutou Yuuji

Autor: Haruki Ecumi

Studio: Studio Deen

Time: 24 min

Description of Haunted Junction

Supervises the situation "in the country" - the Holy School Council. Saint - because three students, its components, to religion are directly related. Mutsuki - girl from Shinto shrine, explosive. Kazumi - the son of a Buddhist monk,in which inhabit a variety of constantly wandering spirits, ranging from mice and lions, ending a crowd of demons from hell parallel and physically unsatisfied with the life of a girl. The President, who is also a Catholic priest from Haruto- family pedantic stamped (golden-haired, blue-eyed) angel who hates school ghostsinterfering "wonderful NORMAL (= ordinary, mediocre, naiskuchneyshey, monotonous) of school life", as a result, each episode ends tragically President "Oh my God!". Ironically, it was he who has the power to summon the ghosts of numerous paranormal razrulivaniya PE at school. But schools themselves 7 Wonders -7 school ghosts!

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Crossroads Haunted Junction spirits
Crossroads Haunted Junction spirits
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