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Image for anime mult Harmony

Year: 2015

Genre: science_fiction, detective, seinen

Type: not_japanese, tv_series

Producer: Nakamura Takashi

Autor: Itou Keikaku

Studio: Studio C

Time: 120 min

Description of Harmony

In the future, thanks to the latest nanotechnology in medicine,a high level of social and ethical support, and mutual respect, the world has finally reached utopia. However, this ideal world is not perfect. Three girls decided to protest the totalitarian kindness and " sverhmeditsine ", trying to commit suicide, but they did not come out. Growing up, one of the girls, Tuan Kirie,It joined the World Health Organization. And when the new world began to experience a serious crisis, Tuan investigation makes her remember school friend Miaja, it is so much in this case reminds her of this brilliant girl speaking initiator and the main ideologue of suicide attempts girlfriends.Part of the project on the adaptation of novels Ito Keykaku.

Images and photos of Harmony

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Harmony Harmony
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