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Happy World!

Image for anime mult Happy World!

Year: 2002

Genre: fantasy, comedy, daily

Type: ova

Producer: Ikehata Takashi

Autor: Takeshita Kenjirou

Studio: Zexcs

Time: 27 min

Description of Happy World!

The first series tells the story of Ella appears on earth as a guardian angel. The second talks about how she is trying to be a man. Both the first and the second series contain a lot of comic situations with elements fanservisa.The story begins with its appearance in the first episode, when she falls down from heaven with a cry of " Gomenasay! " On Takeshi, who had a very bad day. Then she tries to be a guardian angel, but she is not very well it turns out, and then she decides to become a man, and falls back in a series of comical situations.The third series is devoted classmate sick since childhood, to carry a stuffed animal, which she hides medicines. Despite his poor health, and the ridicule of others above her weakness, she is trying to prove that she is worthy of respect, not pity or ridicule.

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