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Happy Lesson TV

Image for anime mult Happy Lesson TV

Year: 2002

Genre: harem, school, romance

Type: tv_series

Producer: Suzuki Iku

Autor: Sasaki Mucumi

Studio: Seven Arcs

Time: 25 min

Description of Happy Lesson TV

The usual schoolboy Hitotose Chitose, 2 class high school Koёmi.His parents are killed in a tragic case, it remains a legacy of a large and beautiful house. The boy gradually fighting off the hand, becomes bachelor habits - pizza night with the prefix, permanent chaos in the house, there is a school of wood, etc. But here Chii-chan to the aid of the girl! Five pieces. They - not, that you be his zhёnami-they do not want my friends, it is usually too even for ordinary schoolboy! Sisters? Old as the world! Alien? Forget! Now they - his mother! Concurrently - Koёmi teacher in school. Happy lessons every day, around the clock without breaks and weekends. To fight for the title of best mum, educate Chitose as a good boy, take care,help, love... Yes, now Mom-tachi will fight for filial love, but the methods and manifestations thereof, does not differ from that usual love... Freud`s grandfather in the grave probably izvertelsya - Five seductive and direct Mumford uchilok under one roof with the usual high school-klutz.

Images and photos of Happy Lesson TV

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