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Image for anime mult Happy Lesson OVA/ HAPPY?LESSON

Year: 2001

Genre: school, comedy, romance

Type: ova

Producer: Hoshikawa Takafumi

Autor: Sasaki Mucumi

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: 30 min

Description of Happy Lesson OVA/ HAPPY?LESSON

In one city, in one school in high school the boy attended Chitose Hitotose. He was an ordinary guy, nothing special did not stand out. The only thing he was lonely because he lived alone without parents. The school principal have somehow his young teacher (class teacher), the fact that Hitose problems with classmates, with their studies and finally.Young teacher Mitsuki Itimondzi, trying somehow to help him, but was a little confused. Once, on a rainy day after a skirmish with classmates she saw Hitotose sitting on the ground in a puddle. She came to him with an umbrella and tried to speak with him, to which she was rude Hitose, one type I and one I do not need. Then came the idea to Mitsuki.She said that it will replace the mother. From this offer Hitose taken aback and could not think what to say. Perhaps, in his mind he did not mind if his house would be a nice girl, though his age.

Images and photos of Happy Lesson OVA/ HAPPY?LESSON

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