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Handsome Girl

Image for anime mult Handsome Girl

Year: 1992

Genre: romance, shoujo, comedy

Type: ova

Producer: Ohga Shunji

Autor: Yoshizumi Wataru

Studio: J C Staff

Time: min

Description of Handsome Girl

Mio Hagiwara - aspiring actress. Not to become a star - the dream of her life, so kakit turned itself: a child Myo-chan starred in commercials, then became a fashion model, and now, at age fifteen, and remained in show business. Myo considers himself a professional - in the end, she spent years on tv.. and then suddenly a young man, starting with a rubber stamp: "You`re - Mio Hagiwara, right? I have often seen you on TV..."Suddenly ends:"... your game leaves much to be desired. For school play bad, but generally you would not hurt to work harder "Itijah Kumagai - the future director. He studied for two years in the United States and returned home with the intention to stay in a real hit. To do this, it has everything - talent,talented team of associates and even sponsorships - is not only the main character. Itijah-kun does not need sugary girls and comely starlets. He dreams of the famous film star Marlene Dietrich and Lauren Bacall - luxurious, stylish, irresistible. He needs a real character - and a real beauty..!

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