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Halo Legends

Image for anime mult Halo Legends

Year: 2009

Genre: fiction, adventures, drama

Type: ova

Producer: Kanno Toshiyuki

Autor: Akabosi Masanao|aramaki Shinji

Studio: Bones|studio C|production I G

Time: 20 min

Description of Halo Legends

Plot of Halo revolves around the confrontation of earthlings (UNSC, United Nations Space Command) and Covenant (Covenant), the military- religious alliance of alien races, led by prophets. Covenants believe that artifacts scattered throughout the universe - Halos annular structures (Eng.Halo) otkoyut them the way to salvation and destroy all unwanted universe heretics, which prichilyayut and earthlings. In turn, the Halos were created millions of years ago extinct Forerunners highly Russ (Forerunners) as a weapon to fight the Flood (Flood), a parasitic race, which disputes are infected with a reasonable living organisms,turning to his soldiers. Losing covenants in technological development, people are defeated on all fronts, and their only hope for salvation can become a project of "New Spartans » (SPARTAN-II), a genetically modified super-soldiers cyborgs.

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