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Image for anime mult .hack//SIGN

Year: 2002

Genre: fantasy, adventures, detective

Type: tv_series

Producer: Mashimo Koichi

Autor: Tanaka Yoshiki

Studio: Bee Train

Time: 24 min

Description of .hack//SIGN

In the near future the Internet there is an extremely popular role-playing game called The World (World).The whole plot is developed around Tsukasa, for some unknown reason was in the "world" and not being able to go (remember the "Labyrinth of Reflections" Lukyanenko?). With the advent of Tsukasa in the "world" there is a lot of mysterious events that threaten to disrupt the order of things in the game. The group of players, each of which pursues its goal,tries to unravel the mystery of Tsukasa...

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