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Image for anime mult H2

Year: 1995

Genre: romance, sport, school

Type: tv_series

Producer: Ueda Hidehito

Autor: Adachi Mitsuru

Studio: Ashi Productions

Time: 24 min

Description of H2

Kunimi Hiro - a great pitcher, but because of a damaged elbow can no longer continue to play baseball. Senkava enter higher school, he joined the football team. On the other hand, his best friend - Tachibana Hideo,wanting to get on Kashiin enters high school Maeve Daiichi (very, very strong team) with his girlfriend Amamiya Hikari. These three were classmates in elementary school. Koga Haruka, manager of Club Baseball Fans of high school Senkava, accidentally meets Hiro...Is Hiro back to the favorite sport of Will? Is the road to cross the best friends in baseball fair fight? The names of the heroes of the series beginning with " X " ("H") letters - Hiro (Hiro), Hikari (Hikari), Haruka (Haruka), Hideo (Hideo).

Images and photos of H2

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