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Gunsmith Cats

Image for anime mult Gunsmith Cats

Year: 1995

Genre: detective, police, comedy

Type: ova

Producer: Mori Takeshi

Autor: Sonoda Kenichi

Studio: Olm Incorporated

Time: 29 min

Description of Gunsmith Cats

At first glance it can be called anime-masked clone of the movie "Lethal Weapon".Nachinaya of narrative forms, and ending entertainment scenes. Certainly not. In the 80 years it has been very popular thriller about police,mandatory attributes are: the main villain (drug lord, terrorist shooter, itd), complicated case with the kidnapping or murder, lots of explosions, at the end of any of the main characters gets shot. Gunsmith Cats In these moments there, and they are placed there where nuzhno.Tolko timelines plot likely can be adjusted at the end of 70h-the beginning of the 80s. The plot is simple and one-sided, or that scene, we saw hundreds and hundreds of raz.No enjoy viewing it, not in any way meshaet.Ralli and May, the characters are fairly lost his charisma with the same name came out vremenem.Kogda manga (and this was in 1991), the style of the characters was no longer a novelty.But sales of the manga is absolutely no way otrazilos.Vsё other characters play a minor role, but the exception was Natasha Radinova.Byvshaya employee of the KGB (the stamp!) For the Russian audience, was used in the special forces, and now earns naemnikom.Vot which,and in many anime and movies Russian woman necessarily depicted with brutal female bitchiness character (a vivid example of the Balalaika Black Lagoon. Gunsmith Cats-a classic action movie. Personally, I recommend to read first 8 volumes of the manga, and the animation to see how not to galochki.Ibo regrettable, but manga wins on all counts. P.S: Gunsmith Cats-only anime where detail traced 500.Lyubitelyam Shelby GT muscle cars to watch without fail!

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