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Image for anime mult GUN x SWORD

Year: 2005

Genre: fiction, shounen, mechanism

Type: tv_series

Producer: Taniguchi Gorou

Autor: Kurata Hideyuki

Studio: Aic A S T A

Time: 25 min

Description of GUN x SWORD

In this burlesque show was an attempt to cross the western, fur and road movie.But while harping on stamps is a big part of the plot, and the result is a fascinating story about the search for revenge and salvation of humanity and freedom of choice. The action takes place on the planet "Endless Illusion": here was a place bustling high-tech cities and small villages, fighting the gangs of robbers,underground settlements and luxurious seaside resort. Particular attention creators of "Fire and Sword" was paid to the design of combat robots - Armor, a variety of appearance, abilities and weapons. Of no less interest is the gallery of pilots and other characters: the criminals and businessmen, scientists and soldiers. Man,Managing the strongest armor - Van. His frustration leads. Girl seeking kidnapped brother - Wendy, it leads hope. They travel together, but they are separated by a great distance. On the way they meet friends and insidious enemies noble. if they reached their goal..?

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