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Guin Saga

Image for anime mult Guin Saga

Year: 2009

Genre: fantasy, shounen, adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Wakabayashi Atsushi

Autor: Kurimoto Kaoru

Studio: Satelight

Time: 24 min

Description of Guin Saga

Ancient State Parrot fell from a raid treacherous and warlike mongaulov. The royal family is destroyed, only a last-minute court magician manages to teleport "two pearls" - the younger prince and princess Remus and Rinda -in a safe place. Alas, bobble came in the heat of battle - the heirs to the throne parrosskogo were not relatives, and in the forest Rood, which enjoys a very bad reputation. I would not survive pampered twins in enemy territory, if it were not mighty warrior in leopard mask. Guin, damn black magicians and lost memory helped the guys, and instead Rinda,having foresight, offered him his friendship and help in search of healing. And so it went to a mysterious warrior with twins in a long way - to find out who he is, where it leopard mask, why it can not be removed, and what it means to swivel in the language of the word "Aurra." Along the way, of course, the characters will be making friends, enemies, revenge,Parrot win the throne, to languish in captivity, wandering in deserts, and generally do whatever is necessary in the normal epic fantasy!

Images and photos of Guin Saga

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