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Guardian Hearts Power Up!

Image for anime mult Guardian Hearts Power Up!

Year: 2005

Genre: daily, ecchi, mysticism

Type: ova

Producer: Kuroda Yasuhiro

Autor: Amatsu Sae

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: 17 min

Description of Guardian Hearts Power Up!

Conventionally this anime can be divided into two parts 1 and 3 is a series, and 2 and 4 series. And that`s why. 1 -series is the story of the new fighters for love Kazuya - kun arrived from outer space on a rocket, Hime -san and her maid Madoka -chan. The 3 Series Kurusu, groupie all kospleynogo, sent to the festival! Guys come to support Kurusu-chan at the festival, and themselves imbued with the spirit of cosplay for most tomatoes! Of course, not without tricks Daisy. The most interesting thing is that Kazuya -kun chose the jury, and it is here that the girls showed their talents and cosplay! 4 -series is a direct continuation of the 2nd series, because 2Series simply broke in the middle of the plot! Series narrate maniac Kissmene, suck the soul of the girls through a kiss! But it is worth noting that the 4th series it is far from harmless magical shoujo! The 4th series of yuriynom maniac killer will be blood, lots of blood and brutality! The writers were guided by removing so cute 1 and 3 Series,going to the 2 and 4 series of brutal, incomprehensible! And look, you can guess who will be Kazuya - kun) after the end credits)

Images and photos of Guardian Hearts Power Up!

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