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Grisaia no Rakuen

Image for anime mult Grisaia no Rakuen

Year: 2015

Genre: school, drama, psychology

Type: tv_series

Producer: Tanaka Motoki

Autor: Aoyama Goushou

Studio: Bit

Time: 24 min

Description of Grisaia no Rakuen

This story starts right after "Labyrinth Grisayi" events when Yuji Kazami accused of having links with an international terrorist group led by Heath Oslo, which was able to cross the borders of Japan with a devastating weapon of mass destruction. Mihama is on the verge of closing due to financial losses,and the girls left school a month to decide whether to give up or to fight for what they hold dear. Can a group of students to oppose the world and a win? (C) Koneko Toujou, shikimori

Images and photos of Grisaia no Rakuen

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