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Great Yamato No. 0

Image for anime mult Great Yamato No. 0

Year: 2004

Genre: adventures, kosmoopera, fiction

Type: ova

Producer: Katsumata Tomoharu

Autor: Matsumoto Leiji

Studio: Studio Khara|gainax

Time: 42 min

Description of Great Yamato No. 0

Space battleship, named in honor of his historical prototype - flooded to the 2nd World and found a century later, on the dried bottom of the ocean better, according to many, the Japanese warship,sent into deep space in order to find help for the dying Earth, is attacked by a hostile civilization of some cosmic Nazis with blue skin. On the way there are all sorts of brave astronauts of danger. Watched many years later, " Exile " really reminded me of Yamato - Cicada is very similar to the leader golubolitsyh,Klaus Barca same shaggy, as the protagonist is Yamato, besides the two - the pilots. As the crew of the battleship looking at nebulae, star a mysterious object, the enemy attacked the battleship on fighters like " flying wing " - in Stuermer Guild has something against these predatory devices, besides in Yamato, they are based in the Flying Fortress,similar to that present in the " exiles ". The episode of the disaster in the fangs of the Dragon is very similar to the accident, " Yamato " in the desolate snow-covered planet, and generally " Exile " Yamato repeats many of the points.

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