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Image for anime mult Gravitation

Year: 2000

Genre: drama, boys, romance

Type: tv_series, ova

Producer: Shirahata Bob

Autor: Murakami Maki

Studio: Studio Deen

Time: 22 min

Description of Gravitation

Energetic guy Shindo Shuichi with a group of «Bad Luck», formed with his school friend Hiro, is committed to the top of the Japanese pop industry.Its main goal - to become a sensation in Yaponii.Kak one night Shuichi Shindo wandered through the park, writing a new song, and accidentally dropped a piece of paper, which immediately caught the wind. The paper fell into the hands of a stranger. He severely criticized the verses that are very hurt Shuichi. He was so intrigued by the stranger,I decided that in whatever was to get him to apologize. After Shuichi realizes that fascinated by this man, who is well-known novelist, Yuki Eiri, it gives rise to their relationship. Show business does not get bored Shuichi, and Yuki, too...

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