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Image for anime mult Gosick

Year: 2011

Genre: detective, mysticism, history

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nanba Hitoshi

Autor: Sakuraba Kazuki

Studio: Bones

Time: 25 min

Description of Gosick

The principality Sovill lurking in the center of Europe`s alternative 20s, is in a lull after the First World War.Ordinary people earn their bread, elite looking for entertainment, and in the well-known Academy of St. Margaret`s trained offspring of noble families. It was in this school of Allied Japan translated Kudzё Kazuya, the younger son of a family of hereditary military. From local students who are inclined to mysticism and superstition,black-eyed stranger immediately gets the nickname "Angel of Death" and outcast status. Trying to dispel the sadness, melancholy, in a huge tower Kazuya school library suddenly meets a charming girl with golden hair in a suit "Gothic Lolita". Surprisingly, the new friend has long been waiting for him! As it turned out, Viktorika,illegitimate daughter of a local nobleman, virtually imprisoned in the academy in a golden cage. The only entertainment for her sharp wit were the visits stepbrother Greville de Blois, who had gone from nothing to do with the police and help the girl to pass for almost a genius. But with the advent of Kazuo circumstances have changed.Viktorika felt the taste of freedom and joy to personally unravel the crime puzzle. Now against the new great detective and her faithful companion powerless any tricks singles and secret societies, in whatever clothes they no ryadilis!

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