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Golden Mosaic

Image for anime mult Golden Mosaic

Year: 2013

Genre: daily, school, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Tanaka Motoki

Autor: Nishizaki Yoshinobu

Studio: Studio Gokumi

Time: 25 min

Description of Golden Mosaic

It is about a Japanese schoolgirl Shinobu,who last studied in England and at the same time living in an ordinary English family. Returning home, she began to regularly pine for the nice days. One day Shinobu receives a letter from Alice, a girl from the same British family in which the Englishwoman said that going to Japan. And then comes the description of the everyday life of cheerful Shinobu,Alice and their three girlfriends, classmates - Karen, and Yoko Au. And Yoko and Au purebred Japanese and Karen - half- Briton. In essence, an anime about how Alice and Karen are trying to learn Japanese and Japanese to join the same culture. Here`s a friendship of the peoples.

Images and photos of Golden Mosaic

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