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Golden Boy

Image for anime mult Golden Boy

Year: 1995

Genre: seinen, ecchi, romance

Type: ova

Producer: Kitakubo Hiroyuki

Autor: Egawa Tatsuya

Studio: Studio A P P P

Time: 28 min

Description of Golden Boy

Kintaro - 25-year-old man who recently left college. He is committed to dreams, looking for work and, of course, pretty girls. He travels on his bike, driving so very happy life.History in each series develops approximately the same plot. His boss, as a rule, it is a beautiful girl that he was not respected, especially when he starts to do some stupid things. The boss finds it very dull and after some time it fires. But always occurs at the end of any small event,which makes the girl who hated Kintaro fall in love with him. But too late, because Kintaro is already leaving on his bike, going on a new journey.

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