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Go! Princess Pretty Cure!

Image for anime mult Go! Princess Pretty Cure!

Year: 2015

Genre: forchildren, comedy, fairy_tale

Type: tv_series

Producer: Tanaka Yuta

Autor: Toudou Izumi

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: 25 min

Description of Go! Princess Pretty Cure!

What do little girls dream of as a kid? Well, of course, on how to be a princess! Bows,dresses, flowers, magic, and the prince on a white horse... And Haruka Haruno was no exception, she dreamed about it too. And she was lucky: once a handsome prince gave her a mysterious key and instructed never to give up their dreams. Several years have passed. Thirteen Therefore Harukastill dreams of becoming a princess, and even goes to a closed Secular Academy school. And then... Then the fairy tale comes to life in her eyes, the good fairy of the Kingdom of Hope, the wicked witch, and now sends discouragement magical transformation into a princess! Come on, Kyua Flora! Do not worry, you`re not alone! Forward! Princess Prikyua!

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