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Girl X Girl

Image for anime mult Girl X Girl

Year: 2013

Genre: music, comedy, romance

Type: amv

Producer: Kusakawa Keizou

Autor: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

Studio: Diomedea

Time: 3 min

Description of Girl X Girl

After La Fleur Du Destin, we planned to say goodbye to the creation of AMV for an indefinite period due to the excessive employment in recent years, and what must be confessed, the fading of interest in the case. However, a couple of ongoing projects haunted... and quite time to complete a case has turned one of them.This clip is a fervent fan easy to shoujo - aynuyu theme, so the haters of the genre is highly recommended to pass by. But if they still succumb to temptation and look - blame yourself: 3 ` And remember, the Blue Oyster does not sleep! info

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