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Girl from Phantasia

Image for anime mult Girl from Phantasia

Year: 1993

Genre: fantasy, romance, comedy

Type: short, ova

Producer: Kamiya Jun

Autor: Nagano Akane

Studio: Production I G

Time: 25 min

Description of Girl from Phantasia

Many years ago, when people began to indulge in self-love and anger, powerful elfy-wizards created a beautiful rug woven from thousands of spells and his people settled in his palace. For many years the borders of elven magical land called Fantasia, guarded by the strongest elf - guards, which is strictly forbidden to communicate with people. But, these days the newly formed Warden Maron, decides to leave the imagination, because she believesThat people finally learned to love and ready to take it again, and the elven people. (C) Oni. SHIZA Project

Images and photos of Girl from Phantasia

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