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Get Backers

Image for anime mult Get Backers

Year: 2002

Genre: detective, comedy, shounen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Motonaga Keitarou|furuhashi Kazuhiro

Autor: Agi Tadashi

Studio: Studio Deen

Time: 24 min

Description of Get Backers

You have something missing? What-the excess of value only to you, or something beyond the value not only for you but also for other persons, which is something like a desperately needed? Then do not waste time in vain, and forward, in the company of two masters of the return called * Get Backers *. They will find, would get (who should be and what should be), will bring the best of what is called, a.The list of services is huge, because in front of you is not anyhow who, as holders of specific abilities! Or maybe you want to see the dream in reality? No problem, a view Ban Mido and your request is granted a hundred, or maybe you like horror as electrical discharges? Also not a problem,because among the masters of return and the lord of lightning there... In general, the universal agency to return the lost!

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