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Geobreeders II: [File-XX] «Breakthrough»

Image for anime mult Geobreeders II: [File-XX] «Breakthrough»

Year: 2000

Genre: ecchi, adventures, comedy

Type: ova

Producer: Misawa Shin

Autor: Itou Akihiro

Studio: Chaos Project

Time: 25 min

Description of Geobreeders II: [File-XX] «Breakthrough»

The company " Absolute Security Kagura " specializes in catching phantom cats. Do not laugh, cats, ghosts can,and it looks like a cute innocent little animals, but they can hack any computer. At the ABK has all the necessary equipment (from a compact device for transporting cats to huge guns). They are ready to do anything to outdo the " professionals ", government paramilitary protivokoshachey team and get your earned money.But when the cats were engaged in smuggling military computers and stole own cat ABK, their capture became a matter of honor!

Images and photos of Geobreeders II: [File-XX] «Breakthrough»

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