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Genshiken 2

Image for anime mult Genshiken 2

Year: 2007

Genre: comedy, daily

Type: tv_series

Producer: Yoshimoto Kinji

Autor: Kio Shimoku

Studio: Asia Do|arms

Time: 25 min

Description of Genshiken 2

The second season did not spoiled, but on the contrary, in the second season to the audience revealed a much more complex problem of the characters than in the first... Watching this anime, you know that it is about you that otaku are people too,and sometimes it is very difficult to get along in their own team... and What to otaku arise very serious problems in relationships with other people and each other... What otaku, as well as other people are concerned about where to go to work, what is the work that we should will do,All this is accompanied by great anxiety and difficult situations... I think that the theme of this series fully disclosed... There is very little in life series... 2 years ago, look first season, I would have transferred itself to this type of people, how Madarame but now, 2 years later, we`ll see the second season, I understand, that has changed a lot,and now I can transfer myself to this type of people, how Sasahara... Just looked in the mirror, when I watched the show (referring to the situation in which he found himself, the problems faced by)... In general, a remarkable work, liked it even more than the first season...

Images and photos of Genshiken 2

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