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Genji OVA

Image for anime mult Genji OVA

Year: 1992

Genre: josei_manga, boys, romance

Type: ova

Producer: Yasumura Ryo

Autor: Kouga Yun

Studio: J C Staff

Time: 45 min

Description of Genji OVA

There once was an ordinary Japanese schoolboy and his name Katsumi Ebata.Although he usually was not quite, because besides the fact that he had ten brothers and sisters from different mothers, so he is also in its proud 16 years have managed to find his one. Far away, as it turned out, there was no need to go, because she studied with him in the same school. At the meeting, small Kazumi, spit on all Japanese standards,when everyone in the class got on his knees and begged Sakura (the most unique) to be his woman. One day, Sakura was gone. She disappeared, vanished as the memories of all those around her. Katsumi, of course, do not forget anything, and decided to still keep your promise, you have to go for the favorite at the end of the world. He falls into a parallel world,where clans are fighting Genji and Heike. But this is not the period of Heian or Kamakura, like normal people would think, because they have there Shinjuku. And as phones, cars and tanks. Short parallel world. And this is happening in the world of chaos. The head of the Genji Clan - Yoritomo Minamoto (Genji) dies. But there are coincidences in life: not having time to mourn Yoritomo,his brother, Minamoto Yositsune (as it turned out later, in love with Genji) and Musasibou Benko, warrior Minamoto, meet Katsumi. And, lo and behold! Katsumi - an exact copy of Genji. Only seven years younger, but these are trifles. This is where it all begins. Even despite the fact that the local war Katsumi indifferent because it is only interested in his Sakura.

Images and photos of Genji OVA

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