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Image for anime mult Geneshaft

Year: 2001

Genre: adventures, shounen, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Akane Kazuki

Autor: Akane Kazuki

Studio: Satelight

Time: 23 min

Description of Geneshaft

There was a future. And to be precise, the 23 century. According Geneshaft authorsHumanity has gone the way of genetic engineering. Male to female ratio is 1: 9. People now are not born in a known manner, and are created with a specific genotype. Here in this universe happens Geneshaft action. As you might guess the genre of anime - fantasy, with a bias towards science fiction. This meansbe prepared to get a strong story aside. The main events take place around the ship`s crew "Bilkis", whose mission, of course, is to save humanity from the "Oberus".

Images and photos of Geneshaft

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Geneshaft Anime (Genesh
Buy Anime Geneshaft Geneshaft on DVD anime mag
Buy Anime Geneshaft Geneshaft on DVD anime mag
Buy Anime Geneshaft Geneshaft on DVD anime mag
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