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Generator Gawl

Image for anime mult Generator Gawl

Year: 1998

Genre: shounen, drama, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Mizushima Seiji

Autor: Kimura Hidefumi

Studio: Tatsunoko

Time: 25 min

Description of Generator Gawl

The series about time travel. "We need to fix and save." Three guys hit the road on coils of time in order. And to. In general -you understand - interesting plot. Somehow a feeling of wholeness. Maybe because the fights, jokes, " explaining that what " is not so pronounced,and smoothly flow from one phase to another? Or the characters do not shine too much " originality " (which is mostly reflected in the addition of external components cool and absurd habits varying degrees of irrelevance), and represent the characters and character types are not? On the other hand - a sense pustovat (not intellectual).Anime (especially long series) accompanies a bunch of unnecessary, enliven the action parts. And all this is not the Generator, which made it seem gloomy ascetic. The interiors, dialogues, fights - veiled simplicity. Anime 1998. Stable, stupid, faster, etc. But. This is all - in terms of 1998 year. But by the standards of the present anime - it is almost a masterpiece.

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