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Gekijouban Bungaku Shoujo

Image for anime mult Gekijouban Bungaku Shoujo

Year: 2010

Genre: romance, drama, mysticism

Type: tv_series

Producer: Tada Shunsuke

Autor: Nomura Midzuki

Studio: Sunrise

Time: 104 min

Description of Gekijouban Bungaku Shoujo

The protagonist - Konoha Inoue - looks like an ordinary high school. His school life might seem quite uninteresting,if not stored them secret - he wanted to become a writer - the author of the bestselling female romantic. However, after one unpleasant episode that occurred two years ago, he vowed never to write. Everything changes when he moves to a new school. President of the literary circle Toko Amano literally forcing him to join the club.Toko eats books, so now every day after school Konoha writes new literary food for her. Series ranobe Bungaku Shoujo Mizuki Nomura.Do Ova movie came out, which is peculiar to the full-length promo filmu.Devushka Toko is a yokai. In fact, in Japan, almost all the spirits that have corporeal shell,referred to as "yokai" category. But in this case we mean some very special type - the spirit, eating books.

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