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Galaxy Angel 2

Image for anime mult Galaxy Angel 2

Year: 2002

Genre: fiction, comedy, mechanism

Type: tv_series

Producer: Asaka Morio

Autor: Takachiho Haruka

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 10 min

Description of Galaxy Angel 2

In the distant future, the human race has managed to spread throughout space and achieve considerable prosperity. But suddenly it happened Jukishin (an earthquake time and space) destroyed all communication networks, and in the development of all civilizations were discarded for many centuries ago.Nevertheless, the human race begins to revive and enters the second century the prosperity of the Transvaal imperial country, which is located in the center of the galactic system. Science and Technology, which existed before the disaster called " Lost Technology ", which even worship the priests, called " Tsuki no Miko ". On the other hand,on the outskirts of the galactic system is a special fleet. While it may seem that this is a completely ordinary army, there is detachment ("Angel Corps") in it, created entirely of girls. They control a spaceship called "Angel Frame", which is a relic of the " Lost Technology ".This group has been collecting the lost technology, using this spaceship. They are not elite pilots, but rather a bunch of eccentric people. Maniac firearms Fort, a lover of dressing Mint, taciturn Vanilla, play in public Ranfa Filia and Millie, who loves to cook...Each time you perform the mission they pose a big problem.

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